Truecaller Reviews 2021

This is a complete review to Truecaller app.

In this review your learn everything there is to know about this popular caller ID identifier app, including the main features of Truecaller, pros and cons of Truecaller and privacy concerns.

So if you want block unknown calls from marketing agencies, banks, insurance companies, HR agencies, this Truecaller app review is for you.

Let is jump right in.

Truecaller Reviews 2021: Everything About Truecaller App

Truecaller Review: What it Can Do

Block Spam Calls

Truecaller is really helpful in thwarting fraudsters, spam calls, and unsolicited calls from telecom service providers. It can automatically identify spam, fraud and Robocalls before you pick up. The color of the incoming call is contact tells you whether it is spam or not. A blue contact card usually means its safe, while a red contact card means you shouldn it pick up.

See Detailed Caller Info

Truecaller shows the user who is calling when they call, even if the caller is not in users address book. It gives you information about callers who are beyond your address books like marketers and spam callers. Also, you can enter any number to lookup name and other contact info.

Filter Spam Messages

Truecaller also allows iPhone users to filter spam messages. To access the SMS filtering option on your iPhone, update the Truecaller app. Then, go to Settings > Messages > Message Filtering (Unknown and Spam) and select Truecaller under SMS filtering.

Video Chat with Anyone on Truecaller

Did you know that Truecaller allows you to make video calls? However, you need to install Google Duo to make it possible. When you click on a video call, Truecaller will automatically direct you to Duo and will make a call on your behalf.

Record Phone Calls (premium)
Truecaller can record calls too. Just tap on the three-lined icon (hamburger icon) on the top left of your app and select Call Recordings. Then press Start and call recording will be enabled on your app.

Truecallers call recording is currently available only on Premium version. The free version has a 14-day trial, but you will need to upgrade to the paid version for unlimited access.

Check your Bank Balance and Make Payments

If you add your bank account details on Truecaller, you will be able to check your account balance, do instant money transfers and make payments via the app itself. 

Here is how to unlist your number on Truecaller:

If your installed Truecaller at any time, then start the app and go to Menu > Settings > Privacy Center > Deactivate.
After deactivation, uninstall the app from your phone.
Go to the Truecaller unlisting page, choose your country, and type in your phone number with the country code. You can look up your country code on Google if you don it know it. But make sure to do so, because it wont work without the country code. Then click Enlist phone number and your done.

Truecaller Review: Bottom Line

In our Truecaller review, it is no doubt that Truecaller is a useful app. It reduces daily annoyances like spam calls, and simplifies a lot of the tasks you need to do on a regular basis. However, given the numerous privacy and security issues the app has faced in recent times, you should consider.

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